Making A Difference

  Supporting Kids With Cancer

The Bj Blue Foundation is founded in loving memory of our first born son Brodie James (BJ) To us Brodie is our hero! He was sweet, kind & loving with beautiful blue eyes & a cheeky smile. He was courageous, inspirational & a fighter! Not a second goes by that we don't think about him & how things should be. We love him more & more everyday.

Brodie's journey, taught us so much, he inspired us to be better people. To live each day to the fullest & cherish every moment we have. We have drawn strength from our son wish for is memory to live on through the BJ Blue Foundation.

With support of the WCH Foundation, Our aim is to fundraise through raffles, auctions & special events & also to raise awareness of Brain Cancer in children. To be able to give to other families & pay forward just some of the comforts that were given to Brodie & our family, even the smallest of things can really make a huge difference during the most devastating, emotional & heartbreaking time as parents you will ever go through. We cared for Brodie at home & were fortunate to do so with love & support from family, friends, RDNS, Doctors & Palliative Care Nurses. We are forever grateful.

BJ Blue Foundation hopes to make a difference anyway we can. It's not easy...emotionally & physically. Not to mention the added stress financially for families when all you want & think of is your sick child, nothing else matters.

There are no words to describe the loss of a child especially when that child is your own. It's a pain that never dulls or goes away, the heartache is with you daily.. Our gorgeous boy, in his short time with us, touched the hearts of all he knew. Brodie left his stamp on their hearts & we hope to leave 'BJ Blue' on yours.