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  Supporting Kids With Cancer

Brodie James Shortridge was born in Adelaide on the 29th of June 2005.

Brodie is the eldest of our five children he has three younger brothers and his little sister. Just before Christmas in 2008 aged 5 years old we woke to Brodie having a seizure in his bed in the early hours of the
morning. We rushed him to the hospital where they ran numerous tests including an E.E.G we were given diagnosis of
rolandic epilepsy, we were given medication to stop the seizures and were told that nearly all children with it will outgrow it during puberty. We were then booked in to have an MRI done the following week as an added measure just to be sure.
After taking Brodie to the MRI we were told the news that there was actually a tumour the size of a golf ball in Brodies Brain. After further MRI’s and testing the diagnosis was that it was a benign tumour, for over two years Brodie was closely
monitored by his neuro surgeon with regular check-ups and MRI’s. During October 2010 Brodie developed large migraines accompanied with more frequent seizures. It was then that an emergency MRI was performed and we discovered that the tumour had grown to almost double the size and was placing a lot of pressure in Brodies head. With lengthy consultation with Brodies surgeon for what was best for our son, Brodie underwent his first brain surgery to
remove the tumour and ease the pressure in his head.
The surgery lasted an agonising 5 hours until we heard the news that the surgery had gone well and brodie was in recovery. Although the surgery had gone well the surgeon was unable to remove the whole tumour due to its location. ​They removed about 90% of the tumour so chemo therapy was introduced to try and help shrink the remainder of the tumour. After several months of chemo therapy and regular MRI’s with no new tumour growth brodie suddenly began getting the migraines back, after an emergency MRI we once again discovered that within a matter of 2 weeks the tumour had grown again. In January 2011 Brodie had his second brain surgery, again 4 hours in theatre. The surgery went well, whilst brodie was recovering in hospital we were given the worst news possible, the tumour was now very aggressive and was cancerous. Six weeks after surgery brodie continued with his chemotherapy coupled with 10 weeks of intense radiotherapy daily. Throughout 2011Brodie was happy, content and living his life to the fullest as he always does. Sadly in January 2012 Brodies condition started to detiriate rapidly with more migraines and seizures, after another MRI they confirmed our worst fears, rapid new tumour growth and that it had spread in to an inoperable position, it was the that we were told that there was no more that could be done for our son. From that point on we decided to care for Brodie at home surrounded by the people he loved the most. Sadly on themay the 4th Brodie lost his fight and grew his angel wings aged 8 years old. Not a second goes by that we don’t think of our special little man, miss and love him dearly, he is and always will be forever in our hearts. “Brodie touched the hearts of all he knew”  

Thankyou for taking the time to read our story

Sincerely Darren and Kerrie Shortridge

Founders of the BJ BluE Foundation